Cloud Computing Defined

!/files/2008/04/cloud-computing-101.png:“Cloud Computing 101”

From the ESM blog:

IMO, A the holy grail cloud has only two primary characteristics and five secondary add-ons.

1) It uses commodity based hardware as it’s base. Hardware can be replaced at anytime and have no effect on the cloud.
2) It uses commodity based software containers. For example an image should be able to be pulled from one cloud provider to any other cloud provider.

Some secondary characteristics are:
1) Virtualization
2) Abstraction layer for the hardware, software, and configuration of systems.
3) Pay as you go with no lock-in
4) Dynamic horizontal and vertical scaling
5) Flexible migration and restart capabilities

What’s your definition of Cloud Computing?

Written on April 17, 2008 by Craig Balding
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