Cloud Computing and Security For The Masses: Interview on NPR

US National Public Radio

Cloud Computing is starting to escape the technical and business press.

The proof?

I was invited to talk about Cloud Computing and Security on NPR “Morning Edition”.

NPR - National Public Radio - is a US based, non-commercial radio station covering news, talk and current affairs. British readers may find it similar to BBC Radio 4.

Every Monday, the “Morning Edition” has a technology theme. The Cloud Computing segment was high level and aimed primarily at a non-tech audience. I always find it hard to answer the question ‘what is Cloud Computing?’ as there are so many different definitions. Regardless, it was a great chance to talk about an exciting technology and highlight the need for a real security conversation between the providers and people interested in IT security - the primary reason why I created

The show boasts a very impressive audience - around 13 million! I’ve never before had the opportunity to confuse that many people in one shot ;-).

If you would like to listen (its short - 3.5 mins), click here.

I’d like to publicly thank Nina at NPR for reaching out and extend a warm ‘Welcome’ to any NPR listeners who have dropped by. Feel free to leave a message below or email me if you have any comments or questions.

Written on May 05, 2008 by Craig Balding
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