Interview on IMI Tech Talk - KFNX: Cloud Computing and Security

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A quick post to say a very warm welcome to IMI Tech Talk / KFNX listeners!

I was recently approached to take part in an interview about Cloud Computing and Security on IMI Tech Talk, broadcast on KFNX News Talk Radio.  KFNX is a US based radio station based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  More in-depth than the previous opportunity, a range of Cloud Computing technologies were discussed in the 30 minute segment:

  • Who am I?
  • What is cloud computing? (*that* question!).
  • Introduction to virtualization.
  • Examples of cloud computing services that exist today.
  • Barriers to entry.
  • Security issues of processing or storing data in the cloud
I will update this post when the audio archive of the show is posted.

I did mention I would provide links to useful Cloud Computing resources (as my mind went totally blank during the interview!) - watch for a post next week covering the blogs I read regularly. was born as I couldn’t find any dedicated web resource discussing Cloud Computing and Security.  If there are subjects you want to see covered, feel free to leave a suggestion in the Skribit sidebar to the right.

I do welcome comments in response to blog posts on the blog itself - don’t be shy :-).

For private communications I can be reached at

My thanks to the IMI Tech Talk team, particularly Tom and Eric.

Enjoy the blog,


Written on July 06, 2008 by Craig Balding
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