Podcast: Cloud Computing, Software Development, Testing and Security

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Last month I was interviewed for a podcast with SearchSoftwareQuality.com.

We talked about some of the advantages Cloud Computing could bring to software development and testing.  Notice I say ‘could’ - I continue to see great potential benefits but some of these require us to rethink how we do things as ‘end-users’ and depend on the Cloud Computing ecosystem maturing enough to deliver them (e.g. security monitoring of Cloud API calls).

This was recorded prior to the Microsoft Azure announcement hence the “software + services” model wasn’t covered.

Anyway, the podcast is broken into 3 x 8 minute segments (I think I broke the spoken word count ;-):

  • General benefits of cloud computing for software development
  • Cloud computing’s impact on agile development practices, software testing, and e-commerce
  • Security elements surrounding cloud computing, such as software monitoring, implementing security patches, and the reduction of data leakage.

You can access the podcast segments here.

My thanks to Michelle and Keith over at TechTarget for the opportunity.

What About You?

Apart from general feedback on whether the podcast was helpful or not, I’m interested to hear if you’ve started any Cloud based development projects - please share in the comments.

Written on November 09, 2008 by Craig Balding
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