Secure Cloud Overlay: VPN-Cubed Beta Test Program Now Open

Logo of Cohesive FT - the company behind VPN-Cubed

One of the security challenges of Cloud Computing - and specifically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is securely connecting your enterprise network to one or more Cloud providers without deploying VPN hardware.  There is also the availability concern - how quickly can you fail over to another Cloud provider when your primary Cloud evaporates.

One company that I voted ‘Hot’ during my somewhat tongue-in-cheek ‘Hot or Not’ quiz at the World Cloud Computing Summit is trying to do something about it.  CohesiveFT released the first version of VPN-Cubed last year and are now seeking beta testers for their next major release.

What is VPN-Cubed?

VPN-Cubed™ is the first commercial solution that enables customer control in a cloud, across multiple clouds, and between private infrastructure and the clouds.

VPN-Cubed provides an overlay network that allows YOU control of addressing, topology, protocols, and encrypted communications for YOUR devices deployed to virtual infrastructure or cloud computing centers.  When using public clouds your corporate assets are going into 3rd party controlled infrastructure.  This could be public clouds like Amazon EC2.  It could be “gated community” clouds from Telcos like BT, ATT and more.  In both cases you are deploying to 3rd party control, yet Enterprise checks and balances require you to exhibit control over your computing infrastructure.  VPN-Cubed gives you flexibility with control in 3rd party environments.

Despite our product having the word “vpn”  (virtual private network) in its name, VPN-Cubed is more than a simple VPN, it is an overlay network that is configured as easily as a traditional VPN.  X-cloud control, administrative simplicity.  To quote one of the leading security bloggers “this is not your father’s VPN”.

Now you can confidently leverage the cloud for redundancy, failover and scalability during critical transitions; whether scaling up to grow the business or scaling down to cut costs.

If you are seeking to leverage IaaS and want to experiment with the only off-the-shelf Cloud network security overlay, you may want to join the beta test program that’s just opened up by emailing

Update: An overview of the beta program with slides showing screenshots of the steps is now available.

P.S The blogger behind the “this is not your father’s VPN” quote is my friend and fellow Information Security Geek Christofer Hoff over at Rational Survivability.  I reference Chris in my resources page - if you are not already subscribed to his blog, I highly recommend you do.

Written on February 19, 2009 by Craig Balding
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