Cloud Security Startups: Where For Art Thou?

Under the Radar

Recently I asked ‘Where are the Cloud Security Evangelists?’. Now I’m asking ‘Where are the Cloud Security startups?’.

I’ve had briefings and Q&A sessions with a few but a recent email from a regular reader over at ‘Under the Radar’, prompted me to think “Yeah, where are they?”.

If you or someone you know are working at a pure-play Cloud Security or SaaS Securty startup, I’d love to hear from you.

First, I’m really curious what security challenge you are addressing.  Second, if you make it past this application form and can get yourself over to San Francisco in April, you get to pitch your offering to a group of CIOs at ‘Under the Radar’.

Ordinarily, the prospect of meeting a room full of CIOs just doesn’t get me all that excited, however, you’ll get to meet CISCO Cloud pin-up James Urquhart!

As its looking highly likely I will be declining my invitation (logistics, logistics), I’d like to make an offer to any security startup that gets accepted to pitch: I will give you up to 2 hours of my personal time (gratis) to grill you on your solution from an enterprise security perspective.  Let me find the security holes before the panel does :-).  If you think that might be valuable, reach out here.

And just to be clear, no-one is paying me for this - I’m just very curious and a firm believer in good karma.

What new Cloud Security startups are you aware of? Hit the comments…

Written on March 11, 2009 by Craig Balding
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