Cloud Ecosystem Map: Spot the Security Players

Troy Angrignon has put together a really useful Cloud Ecosystem Map.

Why is this useful?  As he states:

Following Terry Matthew’s Sir Terrence Matthews “checkerboard model”, it should be easy going forward to find logical areas that need to be built out. Think about it as “X for the cloud”. For example, identity management from the last era was mostly LAN/WAN-based single-sign on and directory service based. “Identity for the cloud” is a logical hole to fill and sure enough, that is what Symplified is aiming to do.

The map shows the companies along the X axis and the service offerings on the Y axis.

ccesImage2-20090317-233218 Cloud Ecosystem Map: Spot the Security Players

Click the screenshot for the full PDF

As you go through the map, do you spot any security opportunities?  I thought I’d see more security offerings listed but I don’t.  If that doesn’t scream ‘gap in the market‘ I don’t know what does!

Troy is looking for feedback - as he says, its version 1.0.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Written on March 17, 2009 by Craig Balding
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