ENISA Cloud Risk Assessment: What Are Your Concerns about Cloud Computing?

ENISA___Media_Samples-20090427-223327 ENISA Cloud Risk Assessment:  What Are Your Concerns about Cloud Computing?Got concerns about Cloud Computing Security?

Now’s your chance to express them…

ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency) is conducting a security risk assessment of cloud computing.

If ENISA is unfamiliar to you, here’s how they describe themselves:

  • Is a Centre of Expertise for the EU Member States and EU Institutions in Network and Information Security, giving expert advice and recommendations
  • Is a switchboard of information for best practices
  • Facilitates contacts between the EU-institutions, the Members States and the private business & industry actors

For the Cloud Risk Assessment, the group (of which I’m a member) will focus on three scenarios:

  1. A user perspective on Cloud Computing (i.e. Small and Medium Enterprises)
  2. Cloud Computing in a eGovernment environment (i.e. national health service)
  3. Cloud Computing and Resilience

In pursuit of the first scenario, ENISA is seeking feedback:

“…aimed at giving advice to (among others) SME’s on the most important risks in adopting cloud computing technologies, as well as ways to address those risks.

As part of this study, we want to look in detail at the perspective of SME end-users of cloud computing infrastructures and applications (either current users or those considering adoption). As a first step, we have decided to base our study on a survey of the actual needs, requirements and expectations for cloud computing infrastructures.”

Take the 10 minute survey here (results will be shared).

Written on April 27, 2009 by Craig Balding
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