No Country Left Behind: SUN UK CTO Pushes For UK Cloud Security Group

In a move I found a tad ‘uncloudlike’, ZDNet reports that SUN UK CTO Wayne Horkan is trying to pull together a UK specific Cloud Security group.

On the one hand I totally understand the need for a nation to protect its own interests - particularly where national critical infrastructure is concerned, but on the other, it “feels” a bit strange that an initiative like this is coming from a vendor with a vested interest in Cloud.

Here’s the quote:

Sun’s UK chief technology officer is working with major British public and private organisations to set up a cross-sector forum to resolve cloud-computing security issues.

Cloud-computing systems could become as important as the UK critical national infrastructure, and they need to be secured in an appropriate manner, Wayne Horkan told ZDNet UK on Thursday. The Sun executive said he is working on setting up the forum alongside organisations such as the CBI, Microsoft and Accenture; government departments such as Berr, Dius and the Treasury; and the government’s chief scientific advisor, Professor John Beddington.

“I’m concerned about the security of the supply,” Horkan said at the Cloud Expo Europe conference in London. “If cloud computing becomes a utility, it’s important to me that the UK as a nation state has good security of supply. It’s important that the UK has the appropriate capability in cloud computing.”

He then goes on to cite privacy concerns.

It’s plain to see that the majority of Cloud offerings are from US based companies.  Nearly every briefing I’m invited to is EST or PST.  In fact, I can’t remember even speaking with a UK Cloud provider.   Of the many media requests for comments, all but one were from the US.

I can’t help smelling fear in this effort. As a Brit, I would love to see a UK group coming together to innovate, support and promote the fledgling UK Cloud industry.  Perhaps that will be one of the goals of the group - if so, I don’t think that is ’security’ specific (unless we are talking security innovation).

Development of UK specific Data Privacy guidance in relation to Cloud should be led and enforced by the Information Commissioners Office.

I also feel this will do little to advance security of the Cloud overall. With the positive news yesterday that the UK based Jericho forum and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) have formally agreed to “work together”, isn’t this inward looking approach just fragmenting our efforts?  Why not direct the security talent that would comprise this group towards the CSA or ENISA.

Security is a *global* issue.  I’m struggling to see how country specific cloud security interest groups “fit” when we talk about globally distributed systems.  What next - Cloud UN? ;-).

I don’t disagree with the need to protect supply, but I would much prefer to see the UK government driving an initiative like this as part of their critical infrastructure protection strategy.  A strategy around UK Cloud innovation would be nice too ;-).

Perhaps I am being overly pessimistic or missing something. What do you think of a country specific Cloud security group set up by a technology company? A US based technology company no less… ;-).

Written on May 29, 2009 by Craig Balding
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