Cloud Security @ Brucon

bruconwebsitelogo1small-20090917-100109 Cloud Security @ BruconThis evening I’m off to Brussels, Belgium to attend the very first Brucon - a 2 day information security conference aimed squarely at those curious about technologies from a security point of view.  I’m scheduled to talk about Cloud Security on the last slot on Saturday before the after-party.   Conscious of the timing and location, I’m employing some less-than-subtle marketing tactics to get “bums on seats” as you’ll see below.

Here’s the abstract:

In a hurry? The short version: learn about cloud security and in the process win a tasty Belgian beer by answering easy questions!

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was photographed standing in front of a vintage 1890s electric generator, it was widely assumed he was paying homage to Nick Carr’s “electric generator” metaphor of utility computing. This was understandable, but quite wrong. Reminiscent of the Bruce Lee movie where the student is chided for failing to look “out there” instead of staring at his own hand, the cloud commentators failed to notice his surroundings. Bezos — and the electric generator — were standing in the middle of a Belgium Brewery! This will be the starting point of our journey through Cloud Security using a fuller flavour metaphor: Belgian beer.

In this presentation I will cover:

  • why talking about “cloud” is akin to walking into a Belgian bar and asking for “beer”
  • the common cloud architectures and their implications for you - the security dude
  • what the beer brewing Trappist Monks can teach us about cloud security
  • attacking clouds (aka getting free beer)
  • dealing with the hangover: cloud incident response & forensics

I plan to post the presentation online when I get back.  If you will be there, do say hello.

Written on September 17, 2009 by Craig Balding
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