Cloud Computing and Security Conference: SecureCloud 2010

SecureCloud Cloud Computing and Security Conference

Next Tueday and Wednesday I’ll be attending SecureCloud 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. This looks to be a very promising conference, totally focused on cloud computing and security. Admission is free, and the event is organised by the Cloud Security Alliance, ENISA, ISACA and IEEE.

On Wednesday, I’ll present “Skylab: How To Create A Simple Security Test Lab With No Hardware”. Here’s the blurb:

This presentation will be technical in nature and focus on how
security practitioners can leverage public IaaS clouds today, to create
an ad-hoc security test lab for both offensive and defensive security
research. We’ll explore prior use cases of cloud by security
researchers, define a simple test lab network architecture and
associated requirements, get an overview of existing IaaS capabilities
and the challenges you’ll face when replicating even relatively simple
network topologies (along with some workarounds). At the end of this
presentation, attendees will know how to build their own virtual skylab.

When I get back, I’ll upload my slides and explain more about Skylab.

If you’re attending, definitely come up and say hello.



Written on March 14, 2010 by Craig Balding
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