Brucon 2010 - More on Project Skylab

The Brucon multimedia people recently posted the video of all the Brucon 2010 talks.

Here’s a video of my Project Skylab talk [1 hour / 120MB AVI] hosted by the Corelan team (thanks guys!). The first half is mostly a “call to action” for security practitioners, the second half covers Skylab components, architecture and plans.

I plan to post a demo video of Skylab in late January/early Febuary, so if you’re looking for that, hold tight.

For those that want to peruse the slidedeck and speaker notes, here’s the Slideshare powered preso:

Brucon remains one of my favourite infosec conferences – its relaxed, friendly and has consistently good talks. As with many non-profit conferences, it relies very much on the goodwill and sweat of a volunteer crew and I’d like to say a special thankyou to all those that lent a helping hand.

Written on December 17, 2010 by Craig Balding
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