Cloud Storage

This is a list of cloud storage offerings including published security controls covering authentication, data at rest, data in transit, logging/audit and additional notes.

Provider API Free Tier Paid Tier Filesize Data at Rest Data in Motion Logging Notes
Amazon Cloud Drive Unknown 5GB 20GB, $10/year; 50GB, $25/year; 100GB, $50/year; 200GB, $100/year Unknown None TLS None TBC
Apple iCloud Unknown 5GB 10GB (15GB total with 5GB free), $20/year; 50GB, $100/year. Unknown 128-bit AES encryption (minimum) TLS None Automatic filesync within Apple world (Windows Control Panel
box Personal Unknown 5GB Personal account, 25GB for $9.99/month; 50GB, $19.99/month. 1GB (100MB for free tier) 256-bit AES encryption TLS None
box Business & Enterprise Unknown 5GB $15/user/month, 3 to 500 users; 1TB 1GB Automatic redundancy TLS Unknown Files can be accessed/changed through 3rd party sites; e.g. Zoho
Dropbox Personal None 2GB No limit from desktop app, 300MB limit uploading to website
Dropbox Pro None 2GB “Pro” 100GB for $9.99/month or $99/year, up to 500GB for $49.99/month or $499/year. 256-bit AES encryption
Dropbox Teams None 2GB 1TB for $795/year for 5 users and $125 for each additional user. 256-bit AES encryption
Google Drive Yes 5GB 25GB, $2.49/month; 100GB, $4.99/month; 200GB, $9.99/month; 1TB, $49.99/month; 16TB, $799.99/month. Files converted to Google Docs format are stored for free
MediaFire Free Unknown 50GB Free 200MB
MediaFire Pro Unknown 50GB 250GB for $4.50/month 1GB
MediaFire Business Unknown 50GB 1TB for $49/month 10GB
Microsoft SkyDrive Unknown 7GB 20GB, $10/year; 50GB, $25/year; 100GB, $50/year. 2GB (300MB via web upload)
mimedia Unknown 7GB 100GB, $4.99/month; 500GB, $20/month or $199/year; 1TB, $35/month or $325/year
SpiderOak Unknown 2GB $10 per month or $100 per year for each additional 100GB increment. 2048-bit RSA encryption 256-bit AES encryption
SugarSync Unknown 5GB 30GB, $4.99/month or $49.99/year; 60GB, $9.99/month or $99.99/year; 500GB, $39.99/month or $399.99/year
SugarSync Business Unknown 5GB 100GB for three users for $29.99/month or $299.99/year.
Synform Unknown 10GB (up to) Community Cloud storage: you get what you put in. Your files stored encrypted on other users machines
Syncplicity Unknown 2GB 50GB for $15/month Unlimited 256-bit AES encryption 256-bit AES encryption Owned by EMC
Syncplicity Unknown 2GB from $45/month Unlimited