Who gives away the most free cloud storage?
28 Jun 2009

Vulnerability Scanning and Clouds: An Attempt to Move the Dialog On…

Vulnerability scanning of cloud services may be against cloud providers Terms and Conditions. How can we digitize requests to scan?
16 Jun 2009

Stop the Madness! Cloud Onboarding Audits - An Open Question…

Cloud providers are suffering an Audit Denial of Service as customer security teams conduct reviews. How can we eliminate unncessary duplication and gain digital trust of claims?
11 May 2009

The Cloud Security Alliance Needs You

The Cloud Security Alliance is a not for profit industry group that develops standards and guidelines to promote the safe use of Cloud Services.
08 May 2009

Legal Cloud: Have It Your Way

Legal Cloud caters to the specific security, compliance and audit needs of Law firms. Will vertical specific clouds drive greater cloud adoption by enterprises?
04 May 2009

“A Cloud Security Ghost Story” @ Black Hat: Slides Now Available

Craig Balding presented 'A Cloud Security Ghost Story' at Black Hat Europe in April 2009. The slides from this talk are now available.
04 May 2009

Avoid the Facepalm: Cloud Security vs. Security in the Cloud

Cloud terminology can be confusing. Learn the difference between cloud security and security in the cloud.
09 Apr 2009

Amazon AWS Introduces New Access Policy Language (SQS Today…)

Amazon introduces fine grained access control using new policy language. Learn how you can limit access to your cloud services.
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