Who gives away the most free cloud storage?
08 Apr 2009

Missile, Chemical and Biological Weapons Developers: Google App Engine Is Not For You

Always read the terms and conditions before signing up for a cloud service. Especially if you are a weapons developer.
08 Apr 2009

Google App Engine Integration: Your Legacy Apps are OAuth Enabled, Right?

Google App Engine introduces the Google Secure Data Connector to help organisations connect their network to the Google public cloud.
08 Apr 2009

Is Amazon AWS Really HIPAA Compliant Today?

Amazon Web Services claim their cloud platform can be used to create HIPAA compliant applcations. cloudsecurity.org challenges that claim...
06 Apr 2009

A Cloud Security Ghost Story at Black Hat Europe

Craig Balding to present 'A Cloud Security Ghost Story' at Black Hat Europe on April 8th.
27 Mar 2009

Compliance as a Service: Does It Exist?

Compliance as a Service could provide a means to bind your company security policy and regulations to your use of cloud services and APIs
18 Mar 2009

Dissecting the EPIC Complaint against Google

What happens when a popular privacy group takes on the worlds largest cloud provider? EPIC files compliant with the FTC citing concerns with Googles' privacy and security.
17 Mar 2009

Cloud Ecosystem Map: Spot the Security Players

Who are the cloud providers and what cloud services do they sell? Find out with this cloud ecosystem map.
15 Mar 2009

Microsoft Azure Goes Dark For 22 Hours

The Microsoft Azure Technology Preview suffered a major outage that lasted 22 hours.
15 Mar 2009

Amazon Reserved Instances: Always Read The Label

Amazon Reserved Instances provide a customer with a cheap way to reserve computer capacity in advance for Business Continuance (for example). But what are the Terms and Conditions?
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