Cloud Security Resources

Want to learn more about Cloud Computing? Or interested in reading more about the security of specific technologies? I read widely but here is the subset of sources I read regularly. This list will be updated occasionally.

Cloud Computing Books

I recommend Cloud Application Architectures by George Reese if you’re building a cloud service or application (or you’re a system administrator who will need to interface with developers). Pretty Amazon AWS centric but most of the lessons can be applied to other Infrastructure cloud providers.
For system administrators and devops that want to gain experience building private clouds based on open source software, check out the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook by Kevin Jackson. As one reviewer so eloquently put it: "This book is a great starting point for all those who want to get under the hood of how OpenStack works without blowing their brains out. "
To learn more about cloud security take a look at “Cloud Security and Privacy: An Enterprise Perspective on Risks and Compliance”. If you’re responsible for security in an IT team, this book will give your cloud security education a jumpstart.
Finally, if you don’t have much money to spend and are looking for one book that gives good bang for the buck, you should read the Amazon reviews for Cloud Computing for Dummies.


  • IT Management and Cloud Blog: The first blog I ever read on Cloud Computing. John has a very readable style with a decent helping of humour thrown into the mix. Check out his Cloud Cafe Podcasts" too.
  • The Wisdom of Clouds This is where James Urquhart “will continue to look for the key insights into the technological, business and philosophical ideas that will drive cloud computing adoption, or even its resistance. I continue to be overwhelmed with both the challenges and opportunities surrounding cloud computing adoption. There is much to write about.” Avid blogger and avid blog reader, James shares his useful finds via his delicious account and provides a helpful commentary/reaction
  • Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson: Kevin blogs primarily on public sector Cloud Computing. This includes the US Federal Government and the Military Complex.
  • Cloudy Times: Markus Klems writes interesting blog posts that demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Rational Survivability: “Hoff’s Ramblings about Information Survivability, Information Centricity, Risk Management and Disruptive Innovation. Oh, I have a fondness for virtualization and cloud computing security, too…”. Chris is a truly smart individual with a diverse background, set of interests and amusing sense of humour (a personal favourite). Consequently, his blog is very popular!

Other sites of Interest

  • TalkStandards “is an active online community where developers, researchers, policymakers and other interested parties can share ideas and collaborate on the global standards system.”

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