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Who gives away the most free cloud storage?
09 Apr 2009

Amazon AWS Introduces New Access Policy Language (SQS Today…)

Amazon introduces fine grained access control using new policy language. Learn how you can limit access to your cloud services.
08 Apr 2009

Is Amazon AWS Really HIPAA Compliant Today?

Amazon Web Services claim their cloud platform can be used to create HIPAA compliant applcations. challenges that claim...
15 Mar 2009

Amazon Reserved Instances: Always Read The Label

Amazon Reserved Instances provide a customer with a cheap way to reserve computer capacity in advance for Business Continuance (for example). But what are the Terms and Conditions?
14 Jul 2008

Is Your Amazon Machine Image Vulnerable to SSH Spoofing Attacks?

Amazon posted a forum message stating they had fixed a vulnerability in their cloud copmuting environment.
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