Who gives away the most free cloud storage?
31 Dec 2012

Happy New Year from the Cloud Security blog

Since starting this blog in 2008, cloud services have gone mainstream and I regularly get asked cloud security questions from friends and family. Consequently, I'm expanding the scope of cloudsecurity.org...
30 Mar 2011

GoGrid Security Breach

GoGrid Security Team discover an unauthorized party accessed customer records. Here is a copy of the breach notification I received.
17 Dec 2010

Brucon 2010 - More on Project Skylab

At Brucon 2010, I shared the motivation, designs and plans for Project Skylab - a do-it-yourself cloud for curious geeks. Watch the video of my talk or review the slides.
18 May 2010

How to Kick Ass in Cloud Computing Marketing

Marketers of cloud services and software as a service continue to find ever more creative ways to get targeted exposure to their offerings. I experienced this first hand when a blog post I wrote was turned into a video with professional actors.
24 Mar 2010

Introducing the Skylab Community Project

Skylab is a build your own cloud project, aimed at IT and IT security professionals who wish to gain hands-on experience with Cloud Computing
14 Mar 2010

Cloud Computing and Security Conference: SecureCloud 2010

Project Skylab will be presented at SecureCloud 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. This 2 day event is organised by the Cloud Security Alliance, ENISA, ISACA and IEEE.
23 Feb 2010

Cloud Security Threats Survey

The Cloud Security Alliance is running a survey to find out which cloud security threats security professionals are most concerned about.
03 Feb 2010

The Global Security Challenge: Money and Mentorship for Radical Cloud Securty Ideas

The Global Security Challenge is offering prize money and support for novel Cloud Computing Security solutions
25 Jan 2010

Are You Trying to Pin the Tail on the Cloud Donkey?

When it comes to security due diligence and on-going operational security visibility of cloud services, enterprise security pros are acting out the childrens game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
18 Jan 2010

Can the Cloud Help Haiti?

CloudCamp Haiti aims to raise money for those affected by the recent natural disaster.
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